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Green Pest Control Services

Pest Control in Houston, TX


Pioneer Exterminating Co. is proud to announce our affiliation and membership in the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).The USGBC promotes the practice of using alternative techniques to pesticide applications.These techniques,such as inspection, sanitation and exclusion, allow us to eliminate and prevent pest populations.This first line of defense, along with mechanical controls and natural products, allow us to protect your health and structure with reduced impact to the environment.

Pioneer Exterminating Co. will first provide an inspection of the structure to determine what controls may be used to eliminate and prevent pest populations. Exclusion techniques such as caulking, sealing, sweeps and screens may be used. Mechanical controls such as the use of glue boards to capture and identify pests, vacuums, and traps are also part of our tool box. Once the target pest is identified, we use environmentally friendly products such as Insect Growth Regulators, Minerals, Microbials and Botanical products to reduce and eliminate insect activity.These environmentally friendly products are recognized as having decreased toxic risks to humans and the environment.

Pioneer Exterminating Co. will provide clients with a service report which shows the date, location of service, target pest treated, treatment methods or products used, amount of product used, and the Service Technician name and certification number.

If and when additional measures are required, or upon client request, Pioneer Exterminating will consult with our client on the use of conventional products. Our application of conventional methods is called Integrated Pest Management or IPM. This method employs the judicious use of pesticides on an "as needed" basis only. Integrated Pest Management is the final intervention method available after other controls have been exhausted. There will never be an application of conventional methods without the consent of our client.